Showdown Do Brazil (2016)


Showdown Do Brazil (2016)

Showdown Do Brazil (2016)

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Date Added: 2016

These studs love to fuck each other and earn hot loads!

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Stew is a guy who can't get enough cock in his mouth and cum down his throat.
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There's something about Jack's beautiful, blue bedroom eyes that just says, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." You'd want to kiss his sculpted chest and lick his rock hard abs. When he takes out his big, meaty dick, you're sure that it won't fit... but that won't stop you from trying. Joined by Gabriel Clark, Dillon Rossi and Caleb King, this DCD is full of hot hung guys. Enjoy... Jake Jaxson"
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Forget the jokes and innuendos – scientifically, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it’s no fucking wonder that it’s integral to the hottest, most satisfying sex. Something the likes of STAXUS favorites, Joshua Levy, Jaro Stone and Milan Sharp are only too happy and eager to demonstrate to the new boy in town, Jeffery Lloyd. Coupled with returning cock-fiend, Kris Blent, this is one sensual, cum-inducing escapade that will leave every inch of your flesh tingling for more. Your well-stretched foreskin included!
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