2 Straights Dicks (2015)


2 Straights Dicks (2015)

2 Straights Dicks (2015)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2015

Sensual threesome action between horny guys needing to release their thick, warm loads!

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The Hookup 2 (2015)
No commitments. Just a good time. If you can`t fit it all in your mouth, you know where I`ll have to put it next.
Fisting Initiator (2015)
We started chatting on one of the apps and one thing led to another... What you see is Regan Granville's first filmed scene and his first time fisting. The cover photo is from a photo shoot. You will love his energy and his looks. He pushes the limits by pushing in a massive dildo and at one point both arms elbow deep into Piggie Tim's hole..
Fame Game Episode 1 - I'll Do Anything (2015)
Running from his past and living on the streets of San Francisco, Mickey Taylor has the looks and the voice to be an international recording star, he just needs someone to believe in him. When talent producer Boomer Banks hears him singing in an alley it looks like Mickey`s going to get his big break but will he be able to overcome the obstacles in his way? Battling a vindictive ex-boyfriend (Bray Love), a salacious club owner (Adam Ramzi), and his own insecurities, Mickey has to decide if he has what it takes to play the Fame Game.
Lanz Adams Breeds Billy Davis (2015)
Furry Lanz Adams breeds jockstrapped Billy Davis!
Pool Boy Takes 8 (2015)
Running from his past and living on the streets of San Francisco, Mickey The pool boy twink gets his first ass stretching lesson from seasoned pro Damian Blue. Papi asks Damian to stretch his hole. Once the pool boy sees Damian, he quickly drops his pants. Damian takes him to his room, gloves up and works on his twink boy hole. His hole quickly opens to take 8 fingers. After getting stretched Damian Blue and Papi decide to jerk off. Papi wants a load on his face and Damian gives him a facial to remember. Papi focuses in on Damian's cock and the suck fest begins. Damian pulsates his body back and forth as Papi takes his full cock.
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